Station for automating the lamination process of the hulls of yachts, boats and sailing boats

Basic equipment

  • 6-axis robot
  • Guideway with dust covers
  • Steel supporting structure of the guideway with a robot
  • Two axial positioners with coupling mechanism of the hull transport cart
  • Control cabinet
  • Tools for resin coating and rolling including head with strain gauge and roller
  • Protective fencing of 4,5 x 23 x 2 m size, with sliding gate and three doors
  • Openings and rails positioning the hull transport cart in a right place


  • The basic functionality of the equipment is rolling of the soaked fibreglass with a tool attached to the robot's arm .
  • The equipment is constructed in a way that enables manual work in parallel with the operation of the robot, in a separate area.
  • The station is manually equipped with lamination molds.
  • Positioners are an additional robot axis which enables access to places difficult to reach keeping the required process parameters (tool rake angle, clamp etc.).
  • Device control provided by Siemens S7-1500
  • Air service unit, pneumatic valves and other pneumatics-related components based on SMC solutions
  • Complies with safety requirements regarding operation in an explosion hazard zone – zone no 2.
  • Overall dimensions of the equipment including protective fencing amount to approx. 4,5 x 23 x 4 m

Suggested run time

  • Pre-soaking of the hull area 1. by the employees
  • Rolling of the pre-soaked hull area 1. by the robot, pre-soaking of hull area 2 by the employees
  • Rolling fo the pre-soaked hull area 2. by the robot, pre-soaking of hull area 1 by the employees
  • Cycle is repeated alternately until the whole programmed area of the hull is treated.

Optional funcitonality of the equipement as per separate appraisal

  • Resin and hardener spray
  • Gel coat spray
  • Fibreglass, resin and hardener spray