Line for production of heavy-duty cardboard Euro-pallets

Specification of the cardboard pallets production line

The line consists of four workstations of the following characteristics:
  • construction made of aluminium profiles,
  • systems of pneumatic and electric cylinders and screw mechanisms for production operations to be performed in the stations,
  • mechanism for transporting parts between stations,
  • component storage area,
  • gluing system with moving heads,
  • two Cartesian coordinate systems,
  • 6-axis robot,
  • control cabinet.
The primary function of the line is to produce cardboard tops/bottoms by folding, connecting and gluing cardboard angles, sticking board sheets, fitting reinforcements for the top and bottom and putting them on a roll conveyor. The second function is to glue short sides.
Top/bottom sizes handled: from 600 x 800 mm to 2200 x 3000 mm, with the option of smooth size change. Sizes of short sides handled: from 580 to 2180 mm and from 500 to 2200 mm.
The operator’s involvement is limited to setting line operation parameters and to manual replenishing the storage area with components and adhesive tape rolls.
Replenishing storage areas with components (cardboard strips, tops /bottoms, reinforcements) shall be made without interrupting operation of the line. Changing the paper adhesive tape requires the line operation to be interrupted.

Anticipated run time

  • Collecting cardboard strips from the storage area, folding, connecting and gluing them with paper adhesive tape at the joint (station 1)
  • Gluing cardboard corners with adhesive tape (station 2)
  • Applying a layer of glue, collecting top /bottom from the storage area using a manipulator and placing it on the strips covered with glue (station 3)
  • Collecting reinforcement from the storage area using a robot, applying a line of glue and placing it where strips are joined, putting away a finished item to the storage area using a manipulator (station 4)
  • Collecting angle boards for short sides from storage areas, applying a layer of glue, collecting bottom board using a manipulator and sticking the elements (station 3)
  • Putting away a finished item to the storage area using a manipulator (station 4)
  • Stacking finished items (next to the station 4) up to 1800 mm on a roll conveyor, automatic shifting of the stack to the side in order to make room for another stack.
  • Cycle is repeated alternately until the whole programmed production process is carried out.

Additional information

  • The equipment control provided by Siemens S7-1500.
  • Air service unit, pneumatic cylinders and other pneumatics-related components based on SMC solutions.
  • Components accuracy ensured by screw mechanisms and electric actuators.
  • Parameters setting for glue lines of angle boards ensured by moving gluing heads and by robot for joints’ reinforcement.
  • Transport unit between stations based on a belt with integrated pushing elements.
  • Finished goods labelled and placed in the warehouse next to the station 4.
  • The line complies with applicable safety requirements.
  • Overall dimensions of the equipment including protective fencing amount to approx.. 20600 x 6400 mm (L x W). Protective fencing installed on four sides of the line.
  • The offer includes a software for one layout configuration of angle boards inside the packaging.
  • Stations labelled with riveted nameplates.