Stand for testing welding force of quick couplings of hydraulic, cooling, heating, and intake air systems

Functions of the stand for testing welding force of PS3 type connectors

  • Hydraulic system, after turning the power off, drops all the pressure to the overflow tank.
  • Stand is equipped with a hydraulic power unit with a safety overflow for 110 bar.
  • For each tested connector (4) there is one 2/2 shut-off valve blocking the flow when a pressure drop is detected on the tested connector.
  • The test area is protected on the operator's side by a door with a bolt lock and a safety contactor.
  • The device has uniform hydraulic couplings of the tool, on which the operator puts the connectors.
  • Connection is controlled by four sensors installed at the plug-in socket and by pressure sensors.
  • The program carries out an automatic test cycle - the system pressure is regulated by an overflow valve in the pump supply system.
  • The accuracy of the installed pressure sensors is +-0,5%, as stated in manufacturer's documentation.
  • Before starting the tests, the operator assigns the mold socket number to the tested coupling using the operator's panel and entering the values to the panel boxes.
  • After the work cycle, the program displays the information about the test run status (pressure, coupling number, etc.) on the operator's panel installed on the door of the electrical cabinet, for each of the test sockets.
  • Option of test performing using less than four tools - based on information about the pressure and the presence of couplings the channels supplying the working medium to unused tools are cut off.
  • Test results are archived in form of a file (.csv or .txt) on USB mass storage device for each tool.
  • Worn out connectors isolated after the test with a meter based on a laser sensor in the inlet to the protected zone.
  • Target working medium: propylene glycol

Basic equipment

  • Hydraulic unit with pressure up to 100 bar
  • Hydraulic system with pressure distributors and transducers for control
  • Operation control unit
  • Aluminum frame made of construction profiles with external covers
  • Overflow tank for the working medium
  • A set of technological connections for given types of connectors


  • The basic functionality of the device is testing the breaking pressure of the welded rings of connectors
  • Overall dimensions of the equipment amount to approx. 1 x 0,68 x 1,65m
  • Station labelled with riveted nameplate.

Suggested run time

  • Equipping the connectors with hydraulic fittings on the device
  • Assigning socket number to the tested connector
  • Starting the pump and gradual pressure increase
  • Changing valves position when pressure change is detected as a result of unsealing.
  • Pressure release from the system after 1 minute of the test
  • Providing information about the end of measurements and presenting test results